Handy Git Aliases

Git is an integral part of my daily workflow, for my dayjob and for my own hacking. I've noticed that quite a few people have defined their own set of custom aliases and I figured I'd share mine. The system is quite simple: except for a few exceptions, my most common commands get shortened as much as possible while still remaining unique. For instance,

git show --color



Building off of that, a command I use often to show just the message of a given commit

git show --color -s



The thing I like about this system is that it's very intuitive, and more often than not I'm able to guess at the shortcuts that I use less often and haven't memorized. Before I got used to my aliases I felt like git "slowed me down" when I just wanted to get my damn changes commited and pushed. Now, I feel a thousand times faster.

Without further ado, here are the rest of the aliases from my .profile: