Macbook Charger with a NEMA 1-15P Cable

I just moved in to my apartment in Helsinki, where I'm going to be spending the summer working for Smartly, and realized that I don't have any kind of power adapter for my laptop charger. Bummer. Luckily my friend Sean used to work for Apple and told me a handy trick: any NEMA 1-15P cable will fit into the macbook's charging brick. Luckily the small speakers in this apartment had just such a cable.

NEMA to Brick in action

(No, he didn't refer to the cable as a NEMA 1-15P cable, that took extensive internet research. I always knew it by the name of "black power cable thing... no not the one for monitors and computers.")

Lifehacker also has a writeup but I took my own picture and figured out the cable name so I feel perfectly justified in publishing this myself.